Managing Comittee

Members of the organization's management committee/board are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the organization is well-run and achieving the goals for which it was created. Keeping an eye on the organization's actions to make ensuring they adhere to the organization's fundamental principles, objectives, and values.

Muhammad Aslam Rao


Former Secretary
National Book Foundation,
Ministry of Education, Islamabad

Engr. Ch. Zafar Ali

Vice President

Former Director General
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
Nadeem Sarwar

Ch. Nadeem Sarwar

General Secretary

General Secretary Industrial Engineer

Syed Mussadiq Shahid

Finance Secretary

Former SVP Allied Bank

Kalsoom Rafiqu

Information Secretary

Advocate High Court Islamabad
Former Vice President, Islamabad Bar Council

Mohiuddin Mustafa

Executive Member

Agriculturist / Business
 Malik Rehan Mehmood Awan

Malik Rehan Mehmood Awan

Executive Member

(Retd) Colonel, Pak Army

Muhammad Saleem

Executive Member

(Retd) Lt. Colonel, Pak Army

Amjad Ali Awan

Executive Member

Database Administrator MITS Solution

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