Building Approval Plans

  1. To get the building plans approved, members should obtain a copy of construction guidelines prepared by the Society for this purpose.

  2. Obtain a list of Architecture/Engineers enlisted by the Society for the convenience of the members along with a list of Architects approved by CDA.

  3. Get their plans prepared from any of the above stated architects in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Society and Islamabad Building Regulations 2005 of CDA adopted by the Society.

  4. Submit requisite plans in the society’s office.

  5. Applications for approval of plans shall be made on Form A-1 duly signed by the owner.

  6. Three sets of plans shall be submitted along with certificate from the Architect/Engineer on Form A-2.

  7. Building control Cell of the Society shall after due scrutiny approve the plans if conforming to the guidelines stated above and CDA building regulations. Plans not conforming to the above stated regulations shall be returned unapproved for resubmission

  8. Click on below Link to get detials of building Laws.

  9. Building Laws

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