Residentia & Orchards | Overview

Living style of those who believe in comfortable, peaceful and tasteful in nature environment has selected this scheme. Located adjacent of Motorway M-1 a1 Jhang bahatar in charge has God gifted subsoil water in abundance rich facility and magnificent environment, Society has translated its vision and experience in the scheme with in built modern amenities.

Scheme is unique in many ways. It is located in a splendid environment with ideal landscapes, rich fertility and sub soil water in abundance. Only 18 Kilometers from Islamabad Interchange on Motorway (M-1).Multi Residentia & Orchards will comprise an area of around 3000 Kanals with a proper security system at the main entrance. Its plan, design and execution will be in accordance with prevailing international standards.The land is level and fertile, very suitable for agriculture and farming. The scheme does not fall in any negative area earmarked by the Federal or the Provincial Government.NOC for the scheme was issued by the Co-operative Societies Department, ICT Islamabad vide No. 2167CR/ICT/B dated Sept. 13, 2011. The environment friendly paradise has yet another hallmark, an abundantly available and sustainable underground water resource.

Special Features:

Attractive Plot Sizes of 5 & 10 Kanals

  • Affordable price in easy installments.
  • Unprecedented discount on lump sum payment.
  • Convenient access from capital city and other major towns including Rawalpindi,
  • Taxila, Wah Cantt. and Hasan Abdal.

Payment Schedule of Islamabad Orchard:

  • Development charges are included in the cost of the plot
  • 20% discount in case of lump sum payment within 60 days from the date of booking
  • 10% additional cost in case of corner plot
  • Balance 10 equal installments would be payable on quarterly basis
  • One Kanal will be equal to 500 sq yds
  • 2% surcharge per month in case of belated payments
  • Adjustment in Plot area would be made according to the ground situation at the time of handing over possession. Cost shall be adjusted accordingly.
  • Possession of Plots, after necessary development work, shall be handed over within 30 months (Insha Allah!)


  Plot Size 5-Kanals    10-Kanals
  2500 Sq Yds    5000 Sq Yds
  Total Cost of Plot 7,500,000 15,000,000
  Membership Fee 10,000     10,000
  Down Payment With Application 1,660,000   3,310,000
  1st Installment 650,000   1300,000
  2nd Installment 650,000   1300,000
  2rd Installment 650,000   1300,000
  4th Installment 650,000   1300,000
  5th Installment 650,000   1300,000
  6th Installment 650,000   1300,000
  7th Installment 650,000   1300,000
  8th Installment 650,000   1300,000
  9th Installment 650,000   1300,000
  Net Cost after 20% Discount 6010,000  12010,000
  on Lump Sum Payment


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